Hagah: The Study of God's Word

Audio from Senior Pastor Vaughn Drawdy on Sunday morning September 18, 2016.

In Joshua 1:8 God tells Joshua to 'meditate' on His word day and night. The Hebrew word used here is 'Hagah'. Our western idea of meditation, as quite inward reflection, greatly misses the flavor of Hagah.
This Hebrew word may also be translated as 'growl' (see Isa. 31:4). Hagah is described as the sound a lion makes before digging into its prey. God has told Joshua to feed on His word with the same passion as a hungry lion feasting on a fresh kill.
Are we reading God's word just to complete a to-do list, or are we truly feeding on His text? Let's Hagah the word together!

Young lions 'Hagah'.