We are a praying people. Please join us as we pray for needs in the Joy family and in our community.


Pray for Healing, Strength, Faith & Hope

· Goldie Blount, Billy Blount’s mother, chronic back pain and kidney infection

· Jennifer Robey’s grandmother, Alma Jackson fell and broke her arm

· John Picklesimer– recovering from pneumonia

· Alison Turner—Bone spurs in spine (c5/c6)

· Michael Young: (Lisa Jenkins Brother) cancer, recovering from chest surgery

· Kathy Kelly– GI tract problems, advanced kidney failure

· Thomas Barnett—recovery: shoulder surgery

· Marion Ungemach: pray for physical strength and regaining of dexterity

· Jim Hughes—Health problems

· Lawrence Tempure—Zambian Missionary—cancer

· Julianna Clark-multiple cysts on kidney-undergoing further test

· Lisa Sabarin-bulging disc in neck and back. Surgery will be scheduled once she recovers from flu

· Martha Hilley—cancer treatment

· Lee Byler—Spencer’s friend– brain tumor

· Evie Southgate-depression, suicidal– Pastor V and Becky’s dear friend in England

· Gabby Embry-friend of Phil and Martha-17 year old girl, found lesions on brain, undergoing test-brain

· Thomas Berry-Ray Rowe’s grandfather, fell from ladder, broke his back—undergoing physical therapy

· Jon Mattox’s sister, Joy– recovery for reconstructive surgery after auto wreck

· Cathy Hood– vertigo is much better

· David Brooks-undergoing treatment for cancer

· Johnnie Rodgers,  Lynn & Ricky White’s friend, cancer

· Vanetta Moss’ Aunt Rachel: has COPD, health declining quickly

· Dr. Keith Huckaby-continuing cancer treatment

· Stacy White: Recovering from hip surgery

· McKenzie (Bill & Debbie Kaufman’s granddaughter): Pray that her body will not reject the kidney transplant.

· Patricia Dunson: Charlotte Robert’s sister, in nursing home

· Paul Rice: Cancer and heart problems

· John Comelleri: recovering from foot surgery

· Gerald Nickelson: Phil Boswell’s cousin; diagnosed with COPD, cancer

· Bonnie Floyd: serving at Sarasota House of Prayer/Children’s Ministry

· Katie Floyd: serving at YWAM in Sarasota, Florida

· Diane Nechay: mother of 3 small children; cancer in lymph nodes and liver

· Mary Sampler: Anita Pryor’s mother; diagnosed with lung cancer

· Addie Smith: friend of Jennifer Brisendine; stomach cancer, undergoing surgery & treatment

· June Rivera: at Providence Nursing home with multiple health problems

· Shirley Ison: Jared Moss’ grandmother; health problems

· Kim Dawson’s mom: multiple health issues

· Clay Jacobs: Stage 4 colon cancer that has spread into lung and liver

· Michele Thompson: Friend of Kim Dawson, cancer



· Jennifer Harwell: bereavement, passing of father-in-law Harry Harwell

· CrossPointe:Latin teacher’s wife, Betty Turner passed away

· Lisa Jenkin’s: bereavement, passing of her cousin, Phillip Darnell

· Kim Dawson and family: bereavement-passing of Kim’s sister

· Pastor Vaughn and family: bereavement-passing of his cousin

· Larry Lillard: bereavement—passing of his father

· Allison Turner: bereavement, passing of her father, Robert Kirksey

· Jared Moss’ family: bereavement, passing of uncle

· Chris Williams’ family: bereavement, passing of grandmother

· Alison Williams’ family: bereavement, passing of Alison’s mother

· Highsmith family: passing of Jim (Elizabeth Highsmith’s father)


jOY Ministry Leaders

Senior Pastor:  Pastor Vaughn Drawdy

Associate Pastor: Josh Carpenter

Elders:  Pastor Vaughn Drawdy, Spencer Barron, Jon Mattox, Benny Hilley

Deacons: Ricky White, Phil Boswell, Nathan Mixon, Steve Fry, Todd Robey, Billy Blount, Brian Turner

Office Staff: Secretary- Carol Anderson;  Administrative Assistant- Debbie Dozier

Worship Team: Leader- Frank Fortner, Ronda Mattox, Tripp Brisendine, Jonathan Drawdy, Cassa Drawdy, Oz Martinez, Tammy Mixon, J.D. Dawson, Molly Fortner, Kayla Morris, Larry Lillard, Vanetta Moss

Men’s Ministry: Jon Mattox, J.D. Dawson & Crew

Women’s Ministry: Jennifer Robey

College and Career Ministry: Ricky & Lynn White

Youth Leaders: Josh & Stevie Carpenter

Children’s Ministry Leader– Vonda Blount. Team: Becky Drawdy, Laura Reeves, Vanetta Moss, Steve & Gina Fry, Jonathan & Kristie Drawdy, Karen Westbrooks, Alison Williams, Susie Lillard, Debbie Dozier, Randy Hood, Morgan Rowe, Melissa Martinez, Morgan Kendrick, Erin Moore

Nursery Ministry: Coordinator- Debbie Dozier, Many Nursery Workers

Sunday School Teachers:  Adults- Spencer Barron & Ricki Reeves, Youth– Josh Carpenter, Children-Steve & Georgette Barron, Nathan Mixon, Chris & Karen Westbrooks

Meal Ministry: Anna Barron, Karen Westbrooks

Sound Ministry: Jon Mattox, Tripp Brisendine

Widow/Widower Ministry (Never Alone): Virginia Crowder



Ron & Wanda Cook— Pray for strength, wisdom & support as they touch many lives that are full of chaos, hopelessness & challenges. 


Joaquin Tome and his family— (Pastor in Honduras) Pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ with many. Pray for safety, strength, good health and financial blessing. Pray about your part to play in this harvest field.

Living Hope for Honduras and their new children's home "Esperanza Viva". Pray for favor with the Honduran government, pray for funds for the children's home and pray for God's direction on how we can be involved as a church body.

Gary Hyppolite— Bethel Mission Outreach:  Pray for opportunities to share the love of Christ with many. Pray for safety, strength, good health and financial blessing. Pray about your part to play in this harvest field.

If you have a prayer need or would like to be added to this list, please contact our church office at 770-227-1671 or officecoj@gmail.com