We remember how God has led us, and are excited for where He is leading us next. There's a place for you our story.

The foundation of The Church of Joy has always been a hunger for more of God. The name JOY represents the core belief our church was formed on—Jesus comes first, Others second and Yourself third. We are a unique blend of different ages, races, and backgrounds coming together to worship Jesus Christ.

The Church of Joy began in 1979 with three families in the home of Lee and Marion Ungemach. Shortly after the church was started, these families moved to a small cabin, owned by Bryan and Carolyn Whitehurst, just south of Highway 362 in Spalding County. Little did they know, several families would soon join their small fellowship.

In October 1981, five acres of land were purchased at our present location to construct a Sanctuary. A new worship facility was built and dedicated to the Lord in May of 2005. The Church of Joy is proud to celebrate over 30 years of, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled ministry to the people of our community and beyond.