Psalms Week 4

Audio from Senior Pastor Vaughn Drawdy on Sunday morning October 16, 2016.

Why are these Psalms so special?
They don’t really tell a story like the rest of the Bible, (Our God loves relating to us in story - 70% of the Bible is in narrative form.) but revealing the powerful emotions of those in the narrative, those in the story. They touch us deeply in our emotions, in our need… they put words to our hope with praise and thanksgiving to God, They also put words to our feelings of hopelessness and fear.

For your personal study:

This week, choose a Psalm from the 4th Book (of the five divisions). Psalm 90-106

1.  Choose a Psalm each day this week, starting today. (From 90-106) - Don't forget to get keep notes...
2.  Pray for fresh insight and knowledge.
3.  Read it, then re-read the chosen passage.
4.  Who is writing the Psalm?
5.  Can it be tied to a story? If so, read the story
6.  What is the human condition (problem)? The deep emotional need being expressed.
7,  What is the prayer or praise?
8.  How is God revealed?
9.  What is the underlying theme of the Psalm?
10. Can you identify with the problem or praise? If so, join in with the Psalmist in your own prayer and time of worship.