A Thankful Heart

Audio from Senior Pastor Vaughn Drawdy on Sunday morning November 27, 2016.

A Thankful Heart:
A heart where Christ's peace is in control.
A heart where Christ's word is overflowing,
A heart where Christ is lifted up.
Colossians 3:15-17

Notes from Sunday Morning:
Christ's Peace is in control:
Colossians 3:15
▸ LET: to allow to happen (to join)
▸ 1. Internal - a hope, calm within
▸ 2. External - unity with others
▸ 3. Eternal - reconciliation with God
▸ RULE: (As an umpire) to judge between (paths)
▸ BE THANKFUL - Where there is peace,
gratitude flourishes.

Christ's word is overflowing:
Colossians 3:16
▸ “message of Christ”: how He came, what
He did, why He did all that He did, how He
responded to others, His world view
▸ DWELL (RICHLY): to be intertwined, mixed
fully, present and purposed (Ps 1:2-3)
▸ This truth should express itself outwardly
in all our words with gratitude

Christ is lifted up:
Colossians 3:17
▸ When we truly realize who we are(were)
without Christ’s and fully know what
Christ did to restore us to Father, our
hearts should burst with overwhelming
gratitude. Then, every word, every action,
will reveal Christ and our love for God
and others.