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Refuge Youth: Summer Mission Camp

We are excited for Student Life Summer Camp this year!

We will be participating in Mission Camp, where we move students outside their comfort zone with meaningful local community service opportunities. This year we will be hosting a 'Backyard Kids Camp' for up to 50-75 kids.

Emma Wheeler Homes is a community of the Chattanooga Housing Authority that houses
families with lower-income. This is a large property with 340 units and many families with young children reside here. Student Life comes each summer and they are thrilled to have some summer programming for their children!

The information you need :
Dates: June 3rd - June 7th
Leave Joy at 9am Sunday, Return approx 4pm Thursday

Location: Covenant College, Lookout Mtn. Georgia
Cost: $390 per student ($60 deposit due Feb. 28th, final balance due May 23rd)

Backyard Kids Camp Location: Emma Wheeler Homes 4900 Edingburg Dr. Chattanooga, TN,

Click here for the Student Life Camp Packing List

Click here for the Daily Camp Schedule


Prayerful – The best way to prepare for your mission project is through prayer. Remember, your ministry at the site consists not only of the work you do, but also your interactions with your contact and the way you represent the Church as a whole to the community you serve.

Servant-minded – Come prepared to do everything they ask with excellence. As the leader, you set the tone for your group.

Flexible – Student Life does everything possible to prevent changes. However, plans do sometimes change.

How to share the gospel:
Click Here for several videos on 'The Gospel: God's plan for me' an Icon driven Gospel outline.

This year's camp theme:
I AM (Exodus 3:14)
Student Life Camp 2018 will explore the characteristics of Yahweh, the one and only living God (Deuteronomy 6:4), as experienced by Moses in Exodus 3-4. Rather than reduce God to a single attribute like "love" or "judge," your students will encounter an Almighty creator God who is above us, with us in His Son Jesus (who declared His own divinity with the "I AM" statements recorded in John), and worthy of our trust because He will never change or fail. Unlike our current culture which suffers from intense "god" confusion, your students will have a clear picture of not only God's character, but also how He relates to His children. They will return home with a firm theological and relational foundation to form a God-centered worldview and decision-making process.

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